calabrese (2)


Originating from Calabria, the ‘toe’ of Italy, The Flour Station’s Calabrese is a traditional, rustic country loaf that needs no updating.

The crucial ingredient in a Calabrese is the very finely milled semolina (durum wheat) flour, imported directly from Italy, which gives the soft, dense, almost cakey crumb its wonderful golden hue. Baked at a high temperature in our stone-based oven, the crust turns a rich golden colour too.

Although the Calabrese is mild in flavour, the combination of crust and crumb is deliciously complex and works with many different companions. Use it to mop up soups and stews, or slather with butter and jam for a teatime treat.

Ingredients: Semolina flour (rimacinata), water, wheat flour, yeast, salt

Available shapes and sizes available in this dough:

  • 800g round
  • 1.6kg round


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